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Swedish Course

Swedish Course

3.3125 32 5 Forfatter: Univerb,Ann-Charlotte Wennerholm Oplæser: Univerb
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Learn Swedish with our Swedish Basic Course - Listen-Repeat-Learn. Listen: Hear a phrase first in English and then two times in Swedish Repeat: Practice in your own pace and learn the proper pronunciation Learn: Within a few exercises you may begin to start using your new language. You will learn approximately 800 new words. In everyday speech a person uses between 500 and 1500 words. According to the scale provided by the European Council's levels of Language Proficiency, you will have mastered level A1 at the completion of this course. This implies that you will be familiar with the most common words and basic phrases having to do with your immediate surroundings, a well as to be able to read common names and simple sentences. You will be able to converse when your interlocutor speaks clearly and slowly. You will be able to complete basic application forms.
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Forlag: Univerb
Udgivet: 2011-10-14
Længde: 2T 42M
ISBN: 9789173616713

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