The Big Whizzo - David Raine

The Big Whizzo

The Big Whizzo

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What is a real and truly awesome adventure, an adventure that changes the entire world? Of course, it could be discovering flying boots and zapping and zooming and looping the loop. Or it could be going on a voyage to the Far Ocean in a super-fast sailing boat with a boy made of beach plastic and magic parts. Or then again, or then again it could fighting off the biggest and angriest shark that has ever existed in the entire history of the world. What if the voyage took you whizzing down the deepest and scariest whirlpool on the planet? The Big Whizzo - the whirlpool of whizzing terror - and down there you found a massive octopus factory. A factory that converts ocean polluting plastic bits, with the help of the vital magic ingredient, 'Horrid Green Custard', into lifesaving Mermaid Stones. Which are all then baked in Granny Bluebell's old bakery replica oven in a parallel world? And what if, ocean creatures team, the mermaids, the octopuses, the crabs and your friend, the plastic Jimmy Ocean, desperately need you to make the whole insanely, mad and dangerous, and ocean-saving scheme work in the human world? If that is what you would call a real adventure, then read The Big Whizzo.
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Forlag: Brown Dog Books
Udgivet: 2018-05-10
ISBN: 9781785452802

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