Maddox - Lane Hart, D.B. West



4,15 68 5 Autor: Lane Hart, D.B. West Narrador: Jeffrey Kafer, Heather Costa
Who the hell is Deacon Fury?

That's the question I asked myself when I was fifteen and saw his name on my birth certificate for the first time.

Deacon Fury may be long gone from this world, but at least he left behind a legacy–the Savage Kings MC. Deep down, I knew that I was destined to become a King too. That's what brought me to Emerald Isle four years ago. And after putting in the hard work, I'm a breath away from patching in, becoming a brother. That is, until she took my breath away.

One of my final orders as a prospect was to find Audrey O'Neil and keep her safe during the hurricane that devastated the coast. War is not only my sponsor, he's been like a father to me since I first came to town.

Now, I'm falling for his sister, and if War finds out, he'll kill me. But how am I supposed to choose between following in my father's footsteps with the MC or being with the one woman who makes me feel like I'm already a Savage King?

Contains mature themes.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Romántica Traductor:

Editorial: Tantor Audio
Publicado: 2019-12-03
Duración: 4H 2M
ISBN: 9781515949022

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