Wild Women in the Kitchen - Lynette Rohrer Shirk, Nicole Alper

Wild Women in the Kitchen

Wild Women in the Kitchen

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Not Your Typical Betty Crocker Cookbook
Feminism meets cooking in this addition to the Wild Woman series, pairing recipes by famous female chefs Lynett Rohrer and Nicole Alper with food trivia, stories, and quotes by women.

So you think a woman’s place is in the kitchen. With Betty Drapers and “make me a sandwich” mantras, it’s easy to forget that women have been cooking up a storm for quite some time. Catherine de’Medici was the Johnny Appleseed of Italian food. Nancy Hart shot a Royalist soldier for barging in and interrupting dinner. Turns out, these women really can take the heat. Maybe it’s best to stay out of their kitchen.

Unconventional females and unconditionally good food. Part cookbook, and part women’s history, Wild Women in the Kitchen features 101 recipes to complement the culinary contributions of famous females. With starter recipes curated specifically to these tough cookies, this book replaces female stereotypes with empowering, historical context. Inside, learn about Cleopatra's orgiastic oysters and:
Break bread with Golda MeirServe cucumber sandwiches in Natalie Barney’s Parisian salonBring over Canard a l’orange like Catherine de’Medici
If you’re in need of a feminist cookbook, and enjoyed reads like The Little House Cookbook, Women's Libation!, The Little Women Cookbook, or A Woman's Place; then you’ll savor Wild Women in the Kitchen.
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Editorial: Conari Press
Publicado: 1996-06-01
ISBN: 9781609258306

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