The Planet Strappers - Raymond Z. Gallun

The Planet Strappers

The Planet Strappers

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The Planet Strappers is a science fiction novel by Raymond Z. Gallun first published in 1961. In The Planet Strappers, Ray Gallun has written a story of the Day After Tomorrow-a story of what it will be like for the men who cross the space frontier-a story that some of us will be living some day.... "Out There - the world’s first space colony - adventures and dangers beyond human ken!" A Million Miles Beyond the Moon... ... Nelson and Ramos sped on toward Mars in their tiny plastic-bubble spacecraft. They were on the alert-it didn't pay to take anything for granted in the Big Vacuum.... The way between the worlds was mostly empty space-except for the outlaws of the void who drifted, patiently and vengefully waiting for a victim, then struck! Nelsen and Ramos tensed-blips on the radar screen! Maybe meteors... More blips-and fist-sized chunks of rock flicked through their fragile vehicles. Air puffed out ... and Nelson and Ramos were fighting for their lives... ... A Million Miles Beyond the Moon! The Planet Strappers started out as The Bunch, a group of student-astronauts in the back room of a store in Jarviston, Minnesota. They wanted off Earth, and they begged, borrowed and built what they needed to make it. They got what they wanted--a start on the road to the stars--but no one brought up on Earth could have imagined what was waiting for them Out There! This is a classic SF story, well told with some pretty good characters. Even the 1961 projection of space science holds up with only the slightest amount of squinting. Raymond Zinke Gallun (1911-1994) was an American science fiction writer and one of the early sci-fi pulp writers who popularized the genre. His first book, People Minus X, was published in 1957, followed by The Planet Strappers in 1961. Gallun was honored with the I-CON Lifetime Achievement Award in 1985 at I-CON IV; the award was later renamed The Raymond Z. Gallun Award. His pen names includes Dow Elstar, E.V. Raymond and William Callahan.
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Publicado: 2016-11-22
ISBN: 9789177590316

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