Goldhill's Treasure - Jilly Bowling

Goldhill's Treasure

Goldhill's Treasure

4.8 5 5 Autor: Jilly Bowling
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Sophie has been in love with Calum since they were in college. After three years of marriage during which she worked at three jobs to keep them while he went to auditions and did poorly paid acting jobs, he has finally got his big break in a film opposite an A list star. To give Sophie `something to do` while he is away filming they buy a derelict cottage to renovate. At times, when alone in the caravan she is living in, she hears strange noises, seemingly coming from inside the hill, that the cottage is built into. Then she is dealt a heartbreaking blow and one night, unable to sleep, she hears the noises again. Going to investigate she falls through a time slip, back to the ninth century, when Vikings rampaged through the land. Now she is fighting for her life and has to find a way to survive in this cruel and terrifying time.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Erótica Traductor:

Editorial: Andrews UK
Publicado: 2016-12-19
ISBN: 9781785386176

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