50 MORE Wild Motorcycle Tales - Walter F. Kern

50 MORE Wild Motorcycle Tales

50 MORE Wild Motorcycle Tales

3.75 8 5 Autor: Walter F. Kern Narrador: Conner Goff, Ginger Maddox
Disponible como audiolibro.
Many readers have indicated that they wanted more motorcycle stories similar to those contained in the previous book, 50 Wild Motorcycle Tales. This new book gives 50 MORE Wild Motorcycle Tales for your reading enjoyment. Most of the stories were submitted to Motorcycle Views by visitors to the site. Walter lived and wrote nineteen of these tales; eight of the nineteen are fictional depictions of far-out motorcycle events that could happen. Jane Ann Kern wrote four stories before her untimely death. Some tales are short, and some are long. Each tale was intensively edited to provide a good reader experience. You'll find humor, risk-taking, adventure, two-up excursions, stupid tricks on bikes, winter riding perils, hazards while riding, and lessons learned. Sit back and enjoy 50 MORE Wild Motorcycle Tales.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: No ficción Traductor:

Editorial: Silverton Agency
Publicado: 2018-01-23
Duración: 5H 40M
ISBN: 9781538540923

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