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3,5 2 5 Autor: Introbooks Team Narrador: Tracy Tupman
People think that being able to identify what they are doing or feeling is already the same being self-aware. Others think that by pulling their own attention to themselves attribute to self-awareness. While there is part of truth in both statements, they are not enough to define what self-awareness is. Being self-aware is more than that. It involves coping with your own thoughts, learning to alter, adjust and accept it. Self-awareness is not something taught in school and not many adults have the capacity to understand, much less, teach it to their children. But it’s never too late to learn it in any stage of life. It’s never too late to face your inner fear of change and acceptance of your own weaknesses.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Crecimiento personal Traductor:

Editorial: IntroBooks
Publicado: 2019-12-23
Duración: 37M
ISBN: 9781094216065

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