Princess Nancie - Leela Hope

Princess Nancie

Princess Nancie

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Princess Nancie has a lot of power. She doesn’t recognize this, until she realizes that she has the power to tell everyone to do away with the rules. Princess Nancie shows us to be careful what we wish for.

When Nancie gets tired of being told what to do at home, she makes a proclamation so that she can get people to stop telling her what to wear and what to do. When she announces to the kingdom that there will be no more rules, she doesn’t think of the consequences this will wreak on the town.

First, her butlers and the maids leave her hungry and alone. When she looks beyond the palace walls, the kingdom is in chaos. The crowd’s joyful freedom turns into cars driving every which way, garbage strewn about, and general unrest. Almost as soon as she declares absolute freedom, she returns to palace balcony to announce “things around here have gotten awful nuts. We have got to have rules, but with a few cuts. ” Will the crowd turn around and cheer, or will they prefer to continue in their irresponsible bliss? Read this book and teach your child the value of finding a balance when it comes to making and obeying rules.
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Editorial: PublishDrive
Publicado: 2019-10-22
ISBN: 6610000237531

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