Princess Incognito: A Royal Pain in the Class - N.J. Humphreys

Princess Incognito: A Royal Pain in the Class

Princess Incognito: A Royal Pain in the Class

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Meet Sabrina, Undercover Princess: When Princess Sabrina is sent away from her family, the king and queen of Mulakating, she must hide away in a dull, working-class town, living undercover to keep her blue-blooded identity secret. At the tough neighbourhood school she is now forced to attend, Awful Agatha hates Sabrina on sight and plots to get her kicked out of school. An epic fight results in both getting covered in pigswill and nearly suspended. Awful Agatha is hellbent on revenge and a number of sneakily executed school thefts finally allow her to destroy Sabrina’s life for good. The girls meet in a final, explosive showdown that forces them to realise they both have secrets to keep and are more alike than they would ever admit. Sabrina definitely has the right skills to survive as a royal, but can she hold her own against Awful Agatha in the most dreadful school in the world?
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Infantil Traductor:

Editorial: MarshallCavendishEditions
Publicado: 2018-09-13
ISBN: 9789814841108

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