The BEST case scenario - Jay Russian

The BEST case scenario

The BEST case scenario

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You are repeatedly abusing your body every day without knowing just how damaging some of your regular activities are e.g. doing up your shoes, getting into a car, watching your favourite television show. There are many ways to do each of these activities. Some of these ways are better than others while some are detrimental to your health. All your nasty habits are easy to change with diligent practice and self-awareness and of course, eventually replacing them with another effective habit.

This is the reasoning behind reading this book - to make you become more aware of the habits you execute during an average day and how you can modify these undesirable behaviours to improve your body's overall function and ultimately, your health.

In a nutshell, to unlearn your poor technique and turn it from its old, energy-sapping, dysfunctional way into the best-case scenario.
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Publicado: 2020-08-12
ISBN: 9783748753292

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