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The giant pod in Professor Orloff’s greenhouse is giving Mozie some terrifying nightmares . . .
After Mozie loses his father, he longs for someone to look up to. Enter Professor Orloff: a brilliant, mysterious scientist with a greenhouse full of experimental vegetation. When he leaves on a trip, Orloff entrusts Mozie and Mozie’s friend, Batty, with keeping an eye on his wondrous greenhouse. Inside, the two discover something amazing—and frightening: a plant pod big enough to fit a grown-up human. The pod seems to grow larger every day and to Mozie, it seems a little lonely. Soon, Mozie finds he’ll do whatever it takes to protect the strange plant from harm and discover the secrets inside. This sometimes-spooky thriller will provide its readers with as many laughs as goosebumps. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author’s personal collection.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Infantil Traductor:

Editorial: Open Road Media Teen & Tween
Publicado: 2013-02-12
ISBN: 9781453294277

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