Metaconfiguration and The Big Bang - John Caffrey

Metaconfiguration and The Big Bang

Metaconfiguration and The Big Bang

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The anomalous spectral lines of quasars (later the subject of the famous Kellerman Paradoxes) caused even the great Edwin Hubble to wonder whether there was some fundamental inaccuracy in the Big Bang paradigm we use to make sense of the Universe we live in. The truth is, our understanding of the cosmos is very advanced, just incomplete. How much do we know about magnetism, or the elusive gravity wave? - Could the two be obverse sides of the same coin? If, as many believe, ours is an oscillating Universe, is there really a 'Big Bang' and a 'Big Crunch' where all matter reverts to the volume of a pinhead, or is there some intermediate buffering process which gives more elegance and plausibility to one of the most fascinating theories of our time? Is there not a collective source charge problem for the exploded remnants of supernova's which will prescribe the conditions in which they can re-aggregate to form new stellar and planetary objects? Indeed are the quarks which constitute our subatomic nucleons conceivably the spun-out protons and neutrons of a previous star system which existed long ago in a much denser spatial environment soon after the Big Bang? Do subatomic particles thus continually 'metaconfigure' as we course out into ever more rarified space, thus providing an intriguing and interesting explanation for the 'forbidden spectral lines' of quasars? And finally, is space really a void which in spite of its emptiness provides a perfect and regular medium for the relaying of electromagnetic radiation across billions of light-years of distance? Metaconfiguration and the Big Bang provides a fascinating reappraisal of how quarks can arrange themselves in different quantities, according to the local spatial environment, to form protons and neutrons, and of how the resulting nucleons might give rise to the novel subatomic and electron-cloud geometries which would provide the key to understanding such vexed questions as forbidden spectral lines in quasars, dark matter and energy, and also wave-particle duality.
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Publicado: 2014-09-29
ISBN: 9781783015283

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