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30 Days to a Happy Employee: How a Simple Program of Acknowledgment Can Build Trust and Loyalty at Work

Autor: Dottie Gandy Libro electrónico

It's not more money, bigger offices, better benefits, or flextime. Recent surveys reveal that the number one reason employees quit their jobs is that they don't feel valued on a human level. Growing employment opportunities and the lure of Internet companies have brought this prob- lem to near crisis level. Now, Dottie Gandy, a former regional director with the Franklin Covey Company, provides a simple, principle-based solution that will work to solve the problem in any business. In this clear, straight-foward book, she gives us a step-by-step plan that managers can implement immediately and which yields compelling results, including:
A strong sense of loyalty and commitment among employees
A new corporate culture built on a foundation of trust and designed to weather storms
A renewed sense of mission that can have a substantial impact on the bottom line

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