If you've got 'Em flaunt 'Em - Augustine Nash

If you've got 'Em flaunt 'Em

If you've got 'Em flaunt 'Em

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Lizzie and Fred meet in the local pub and have passionate encounters in the hedgerows every chance they get, until Fred starts to become obsessive. Lizzie meets Henry, a wealthy gentleman, who sweeps her off her feet. After becoming pregnant, the paternity of the child is uncertain and Lizzie is faced with a terrible decision. She marries Henry and Fred's heart is broken. Unfortunately, Fred can't let go of Lizzie, and even though he has a doting wife at home, he is hell-bent on winning her back. Lizzie is sure she has made the right choice, but after leading several men on a merry dance, has she flaunted 'em a little too often? Could she lose the one precious thing in her life?
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Publicado: 2015-10-19
ISBN: 9781783018161

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