Twin souls in the spiritual revolution - Roger Mandal,Ingeborg Flakne

Twin souls in the spiritual revolution

Twin souls in the spiritual revolution

3.0 4 5 Autor: Roger Mandal,Ingeborg Flakne
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The book takes you on Ingeborg and Rogers journey, and tells a story of how the spiritual force can lead two people together. We are now in the midst of a quantum awakening, a spiritual revolution unprecedented in history. A love consciousness awakens in us and causes us to want to live more from the heart than from the brain. Daily we see things around us that are injustice and untruth being revealed, both close and in larger contexts. The governing forces of society are, in a way, in a race with the increasing awareness. We can no longer close our eyes to others' injustices, as though it does not concern us. We understand that we are a part of a community with all other humans and all life, which originated from the same source, and this connects us all as one unit. All human beings are tools for each other's development. And the meaning of life is that we should learn, through positive and negative experiences, to make choices that are of love to the benefit of both ourselves and everything and everyone around us. And the only true religion which is in line with the new consciousness, can be summarized as having love for all life. During this time, more and more twin souls will find each other. They must conduct their common life tasks in many different areas of society, but all for the purpose of contributing to raise the consciousness of humanity. Twin souls have the purest form of love between them, and is therefore the perfect "helpers" in this process, together with a number of other lightworkers. It's set for many encounters of "love at first sight" in the future!
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Editorial: Licentia AS
Publicado: 2015-12-10
ISBN: 9788283390315

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