30 Days to Taming Worry and Anxiety - Deborah Smith Pegues

30 Days to Taming Worry and Anxiety

30 Days to Taming Worry and Anxiety

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Do You Long for Peace of Mind? You can't avoid anxiety-provoking circumstances—they are a natural consequence of life on Planet Earth. But there are effective ways to deal with the stress they cause! Deborah Smith Pegues has been where you are and wants to share what she's learned to help you handle the situations that threaten your peace of mind. In 30 days, you will discover how to... experience joy by embracing a divine perspective and living in the nowachieve clarity by improving your sleep, diet, and exercise routinesevaluate your expectations to minimize distress and disappointmentprevent unnecessary angst by managing your time and money more wiselytrade your "stress-speak" for more calming expressions Packed with practical insights, encouragement, and biblical inspiration, this book will help you respond effectively to worry and anxiety so you can be a happier person.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Religión y espiritualidad Traductor:

Editorial: Harvest House Publishers
Publicado: 2017-03-28
ISBN: 9780736968584

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