John Wesley's Extract of The Christian's Pattern - Thomas Kempis

John Wesley's Extract of The Christian's Pattern

John Wesley's Extract of The Christian's Pattern

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The Christian’s Pattern is Wesley’s excerpt of Thomas à Kempis’s Imitatio Christi, itself probably the most commonly translated book aside from the Bible. Wesley produced four different editions of Kempis’s work and considered it indispensable in achieving true religion of the heart. In The Christian’s Pattern, a series of devotionals comprising four treatises on the trials of virtue and morality Christians face from the world as well as from within, there is much to contemplate. From practical advice regarding spiritual growth, to considerations of prayer and response, and even comfort for the soul in the light of God’s love and grace, Wesley’s publication contains all he felt most important for critical self-examination.
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Editorial: Seedbed
Publicado: 2017-12-06
ISBN: 9781628243130

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