Two Revolutionary Dramas - Charles Dickens,Victor Hugo

Two Revolutionary Dramas

Two Revolutionary Dramas

0.0 0 5 Autor: Charles Dickens,Victor Hugo Narrador: Various narrators, The Lux Radio Theatre, The Mercury Theatre on the Air
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Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and performed by The Lux Radio Theatre is much-loved and has enjoyed much popular success through its various adaptations as a musical, in the theatre, cinema, and on television. The lively and exquisitely characterised story follows convict Jean Valjean (Ronald Colman) through a Paris bubbling with revolutionary fervour, as he seeks redemption for his crimes and previous lifestyle. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and performed by The Mercury Theatre on the Air is one of Dickens' best-known stories, and has been the basis of many films and television series. Sidney Carton, the novel's world-weary protagonist, traveling between London and revolution-torn Paris, is played captivatingly by the star of the Oscar-nominated 1935 film (Orson Welles) who is supported by a strong cast.
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Editorial: Canongate Books
Publicado: 2008-07-17
Duración: 1H 50M
ISBN: 9781908377067

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