The Little Book of Love - Quotes to Empower Your Journey Back to Love - Keith Higgs

The Little Book of Love - Quotes to Empower Your Journey Back to Love

The Little Book of Love - Quotes to Empower Your Journey Back to Love

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I have a message! It is a message passed on by many of the giants of personal growth and spirituality. Honed and refined by the furnace of life's lessons, breaking and trials and yet wrapped in life’s ever-passionate Love. Actually, it is a series of messages, often so seemingly urgent and precise they wouldn’t let me sleep when they came bursting through my consciousness in the very early hours of many different mornings. This “Little Book of Love” is the Heart and Essence of those messages which are related in full in my first book “Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love—A Manual and Guidebook for Life’s Journey.” It’s easy and quick to read, and if assimilated, I believe contains many empowering, Love speeding, valuable ideas to assist us in our journeys. The very core of these messages is “Life Loves You,” and around that many tips, ideas, solutions and signposts, inspired, healing words to help guide your journey back to Love or maybe, just help in melting the blocks that keep you from remembering who and what really you are, what we all are, in essence, just pure Love. This is for you in your midst of life’s purging refining and remembering—a gift of Love. I hope and trust that its words will bring some light and succour, through, what may seem at times to be a journey through darkness. Never forget that inside of your deepest being, there shines the brightest light of all, the beautiful divine being that is you. Look into that peace and know how much you are indeed Loved and actually just Love itself. Relax, pause, laugh, trust and Love, know all is well. Your inner light is ever shining, and the dark days will soon fade into obscurity, melted by that ever-present light of Love. Welcome to the Little Book of Love.
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Editorial: Author's Republic
Publicado: 2018-09-20
Duración: 1H 6M
ISBN: 9781982723705

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