The Power of Concentration (Condensed Classics) - Theron Q. Dumont

The Power of Concentration (Condensed Classics)

The Power of Concentration (Condensed Classics)

4,43 58 5 Autor: Theron Q. Dumont Narrador: Mitch Horowitz
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This May Be the Most Extraordinary and
Life-Changing Book You Ever Encounter

In this epic yet remarkably simple volume, Theron Q. Dumont—the pseudonym of William Walker Atkinson, author of the legendary work The Kybalion—shows how proper concentration can bring you into an entirely new world of personal magnetism, success, and effectiveness.

We grossly undervalue the power of our thoughts. But this simple program of mental focus will vastly increase your power, charisma, and self-mastery. You will think better, do more, and experience greater respect and success.

Newly abridged and introduced by PEN Award-winning historian and New Thought writer Mitch Horowitz, this condensation provides you, in a very short space of time, all the elements and principles of Atkinson’s mind-power program, which you can put into use right now to create a better, more dynamic self.
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Editorial: G&D Media
Publicado: 2018-11-03
Duración: 1H 49M
ISBN: 9781722550028

Editorial: G&D Media
Publicado: 2018-11-01
ISBN: 9781722520298

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