Get Your Dream Job! - Made for Success

Get Your Dream Job!

Get Your Dream Job!

3.0 7 5 Autor: Made for Success Narrador: Larry Iverson, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor
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What is it about the top percentile of high earners in business, and how can you "join the club"? Join job and career experts as they share their experience and wisdom on how to find the perfect job and get promoted faster. Explore how to approach the job market to quickly find those hard-to-find jobs, then approach these opportunities in such a way that your job application stands out from the competition. When it comes to interviewing, use proven relaxation and visualization techniques to come across natural, confident, and professional. Even if you are the underdog without a college degree or MBA, learn how to win jobs over people with better qualifications. Once you land your dream job, discover the philosophy of advancement to accelerate your career success, earning raises and making you the person your company fights to keep. Contents include:SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best by Laura StackJob Hunting Essentials: Overcome the 3 Mind-sets That Will Block Your Success! by Dr. Larry IversonRip-Roaring Job Wealth: Succeeding in Any Economy by Mark Victor HansenHow to Get the Job You Always Wanted: 30 Minute Success Series by Brad WorthleyRunning Toward Your Next Job by Jennifer SedlockJob Interview Success System: Relax and Communicate Your Value to Prospective Employers by Lorraine HowellSuccess Without a College Degree: Shattering the Myth by John MurphyHow to Be a Person Companies Fight to Keep by Connie PodestaA Sense of Urgency Creates Great Work by Bob ProctorRidiculous Bliss at Work by Matthew FerryCrafting Competitive Resumes Without a College Degree by John Murphy
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Economía y negocios Traductor:

Editorial: Made for Success
Publicado: 2010-09-08
Duración: 7H 56M
ISBN: 9781483091068

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