Bi Now, Gay Later - Kim Dare

Bi Now, Gay Later

Bi Now, Gay Later

3.79 14 5 Autor: Kim Dare
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Can a bi submissive really find happiness with a master who doesn't believe bisexuality exists? Jerry would be Dentons ideal submissive - if only he would just get his last foot out of the closet and admit he's properly gay. Denton loves Jerry, but he knows its a masters responsibility to make sure his submissive doesn't lie to himself or the rest of the world. He can't let Jerry hide behind the bi-sexual label forever. Jerry has no doubt that he's one-hundred percent bi-sexual. He's also well aware how much his master hates that fact. Jerry loves his master and he wants to please him, but he can't lie and say he's gay when he knows he's not. Denton would be Jerrys ideal master, if he could just accept the fact he's bi. Eventually, somebodys going to have to give in and admit he's wrong. The only question is who? Reader Advisory: The stories in this collection are linked solely by theme. Each story can be read on its own and the stories can be read in any order.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Erótica Colecciones: Perfect Timing: 5 Traductor:

Editorial: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publicado: 2010-04-05
ISBN: 9780857151209

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