The Mini-Fast Diet - Julian Whitaker,Peggy Dace

The Mini-Fast Diet

The Mini-Fast Diet

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In this breakthrough plan by a renowned wellness doctor, one simple lifestyle change can help reverse metabolic syndrome, drop pounds, and lower insulin levels and blood pressure. The magic secret? A clinically proven, research-backed mini-fast that drives the body into an extreme fat-burning state called ketosis. Just skip breakfast, then add a simple exercise program to burn even more fat. After the mini-fast, eat normally for the rest of the day, focusing on proper portions of lean protein, vegetables, and low-fat, low-glycemic carbs. No counting calories--and no hunger. Readers will learn everything they need to follow this expertly designed program, plus: How to kickstart and stay in ketosisA 2-week sample meal plan with more than 50 easy, delicious recipesAdvice on safe, effective exercise habits, plus an illustrated guide to the fitness planSuccess stories from people who have changed their lives with the dietScience on how the program helps fight or prevent diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and more
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Editorial: Rodale
Publicado: 2013-06-25
ISBN: 9781609617523

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