New Choices In Natural Healing - Bill Gottlieb

New Choices In Natural Healing

New Choices In Natural Healing

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The first book to take alternative medicine out of its mystical fringe and into the mainstream, New Choices in Natural Healing features more than 20 unique alternative remedies for each of 160 health problems, from acne to wrinkles, plus practical explanations of 20 natural therapies, from aromatherapy to vitamin therapy. Including 440 illustrations, New Choices in Natural Healing also covers: Acupressure-- for pinpoint pain reliefAromatherapy-- relieve stress and tensionAyurveda-- a customized system of better healthFlower Therapy-- heal the mind, and the body will followFood Therapy-- the power to erase diseaseHerbal Therapy-- a healing partnership with Mother NatureHomeopathy-- medicines perhaps more powerful than prescriptionsHydrotherapy-- bathe yourself in natural healingImagery-- picture yourself perfectly healthyJuice Therapy-- the curative essence of fruits and vegetablesMassage-- hands-on healing for yourself and your familyReflexology-- speed restorative energy to organs and body partsRelaxation and Meditation-- achieve a higher state of healthSound Therapy-- soothe your body with music's gentle wavesVitamin and Mineral Therapy-- natural prescriptions for healingYoga-- stretches for better health
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Editorial: Rodale
Publicado: 1999-07-22
ISBN: 9781623363321

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