Spirit Ascendancy - E.E. Holmes

Spirit Ascendancy

Spirit Ascendancy

3.6 15 5 Autor: E.E. Holmes Narrador: Jessica Preddy
Disponible como audiolibro.
In the wake of their terrifying escape from Fairhaven Hall, sisters Jess and Hannah Ballard find themselves on the run, pursued by the two most powerful groups in the history of the spirit world. On one side, the Durupinen, determined to capture the girls and prevent their role in an ancient prophecy that promises to destroy them and unleash the spirit hordes on the earth. On the other side, the Necromancers, ancient enemies of the Durupinen, hellbent on bringing the same prophecy to fruition. When the girls are betrayed and one of them falls into the Necromancers’ hands, both face decisions with cataclysmic consequences. Will the lure of power prove too great to resist, or will the bond between the sisters survive this last, most crucial of tests? Spirit Ascendancy is the much anticipated third and final audio installment of E.E. Holmes’ award-winning Gateway Trilogy.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Juvenil Traductor:

Editorial: Whole Story QUEST
Publicado: 2018-12-06
Duración: 13H 49M
ISBN: 9781528842754

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