A Digital Prison - Lavinia Black

A Digital Prison

A Digital Prison

1.0 1 5 Autor: Lavinia Black
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Her cage may be digital, but her capture is real. A tale of sexual power struggle, truth and identity. The digital revolution has arrived. Life is now lived through a computerised world-a world in which anything is possible. But just as with any other society, the System needs order, structure, government. Cet disagrees. The most powerful and feared rebel programmer on the grid, he leads a personal revolution, enslaving minds under the pretence of ultimate freedom. Rihku is part of the resistance, attempting to ruin Cets megalomania. One day she finds herself captured, sealed alone in a digital prison. Rather than destroy her, Cet has other plans and begins a game of sexual and psychological manipulation. However, both Rihku and Cet begin to affect each other in ways they never expected... Can Rihku win the battle between morality and desire? Will she find a way to destroy Cets power?... Does she even want to? Reader Advisory: This book contains some borderline occurrences of questionable consent.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Erótica Traductor:

Editorial: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publicado: 2013-05-10
ISBN: 9781781843062

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