Gay for Pay - Kim Dare

Gay for Pay

Gay for Pay

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An experienced gay dominant, a gay for pay submissive and an auction. Let the bidding commence! Nate Lockwood has a plan. It involves slipping away from his security officers, hitting a BDSM club, entering himself in a submissive auction and spending the next twenty four hours as a gay for pay rent boy. If he wishes he could be submitting to someone far closer to home, but then at least he's realistic enough to know its never going to happen. Smith has a job to do. As chief of security for the Lockwood family, its his responsibility to track down his bosss brat of a son and bring him home. The fact that his search leads to the kind of leather bar he considers beneath contempt is not important. The fact he's been fantasising about being Nates master since he first set eyes on him isn't relevant. The plan has to work. The job has to be done. And the bidding starts now...
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Erótica Colecciones: G-A-Y: 4 Traductor:

Editorial: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publicado: 2009-11-02
ISBN: 9781907280405

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