Donovan Creed Two Up 5-6 - John Locke

Donovan Creed Two Up 5-6

Donovan Creed Two Up 5-6

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A double helping of John Locke's bestselling Donovan Creed novels in one volume.

Donovan Creed is an assassin for an elite branch of Homeland Security. When he isn't busy killing terrorists, he moonlights as a hit man for the mob. He tests weapons of torture for the Army. He is a very tough guy. But he's not a bad guy. Sure, he's got issues. He makes mistakes. He's terrible with women. He's a pretty neglectful father. But his heart is in the right place – and occasionally, just occasionally, he'll try and do the right thing...

5. WISH LIST: Be careful what you wish for...

6. A GIRL LIKE YOU: Would you give up the woman you love if her death could save millions?
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Suspense y terror Traductor:

Editorial: Head of Zeus
Publicado: 2012-10-25
ISBN: 9781781854396

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