Kismet, Fate, Call It What You Like - Sara Solomon

Kismet, Fate, Call It What You Like

Kismet, Fate, Call It What You Like

0 0 5 Autor: Sara Solomon
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Darius, the resident Persian cat, narrates the lives of five households in this exclusive, private close somewhere in the English countryside. You will meet folk from all different walks of life, from American, Turkish, Jewish, Muslim, rich to poor, the lucky, the unlucky. The stories, some funny, some sad, will unveil people from all over the world with the same fears and aspirations. Doesn't matter what language you speak, how big your stamp collection, people are people. Wherever in the world you live, a tear is a tear, a headache is a headache and a smile is a smile. Life is the same all over. So every person holding this book is already in it.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Novela Traductor:

Editorial: Vearsa - Fast Print Publishing
Publicado: 2012-06-11
ISBN: 9781784569068

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