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Hollywood Wives

Hollywood Wives

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Whether you're new to the world of Jackie Collins, or you know her books intimately, you’ll find something to love in the achingly sexy Hollywood Wives, featuring an introduction from the wonderful Helen Ellis.

‘When I was thirteen, Jackie Collins showed me how to be brave. You write what no one thinks you can write. You ask for money no one wants to admit that you’ve earned. You fight for your marriage when your husband has failed you’ HELEN ELLIS

In the land of the rich and famous, nothing is as it seems, but as long as it seems perfect, nothing else matters. They lunch at Ma Maison and the Bistro on salads and hot gossip. They cruise Rodeo Drive in their Mercedes and Rolls, turning shopping at Giorgio and Gucci into an art form. They pursue the body beautiful at the Workout and Body Asylum.
They are the Hollywood Wives, a privileged breed of women whose ticket to ride is a famous husband: Hollywood. At its most flamboyant.

But underneath this perfect veneer, cracks are beginning to form. Affairs, secrets, kleptomania, and even murder threaten to overwhelm them. Can they maintain their perfect world? Or will the Hollywood wives be forced to confront the truth?

Appearance is everything in another scandalous and sizzling bestseller from the fabulous, insatiable Jackie Collins.

Why everyone needs Jackie in their lives . . .

‘The definition of a class act’ Graham Norton

'Scandalous. Outrageous. And completely fabulous!' Veronica Henry

‘Jackie was absolutely marvellous, she was lovely. She was a very, very good writer’ Jilly Cooper

‘Jackie to me was the best writer of those risqué, amusing, fun novels – full of Hollywood characters and lots of sex’ Barbara Taylor Bradford

‘That smart, talented and gorgeous woman paved the road for many of us so that we could experience a smoother journey . . . with or without heels’ Sandra Bullock

‘RIP Jackie Collins. I always loved our interviews’ Oprah Winfrey
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Editorial: Simon & Schuster UK
Publicado: 2012-01-31
ISBN: 9781849836265

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