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The Marathon Conspiracy

Autor: Gary Corby Libro electrónico

Set in classical Athens, this “fast-paced, enjoyable, murder mystery . . . will make readers laugh and think in equal measure” (The Sydney Morning Herald).

Nicolaos, ancient Athens’s favorite sleuth, and his partner in investigation, the clever priestess Diotima, have taken time off to come home and get married. But hoping to get hitched without a hitch proves overly optimistic: A skull discovered in a cave near the Sanctuary of Artemis, the ancient world’s most famous school for girls, is revealed to be the remains of the Hippias, the reviled last tyrant to rule Athens.

The Athenians fought the Battle of Marathon to keep this man out of power; he was supposed to have died thirty years ago, in faraway Persia. What are his remains doing outside the city walls? Nico’s boss, the great Athenian statesman Pericles, wants answers, and he orders Nico to find them. Worst of all, one of the two Sanctuary students who discovered the skull has been killed, and the other is missing. Can the sleuths solve the interlocked crimes before their wedding?

© 2018 Soho Crime (Libro electrónico) ISBN: 9781616953881

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