Size HH

5 1 5 Kirjailija: Eva George, Mercedes Lopez Charro, Jacqui Malpass
What makes Size HH different to other books about weight loss, nutrition or exercise? This easy to read, practical guide for women of any age (sorry guys), shows you how to make the most of your unique shape and feel more body confident without dieting or tiring exercise routines. Inside you will also discover how to make life-long healthier habit changes and create motivation that lasts! The book looks at four areas needed for a more content mind-set and body as healthy as possible; The Mind - Where the changes really start Lifestyle - Small changes lead to big results Nutrition - A great body is made in the kitchen Exercise - Stretching, Posture, & Toning Size HH is written with even the busiest or unmotivated people in mind with 'Points to remember' pages in each section to make recapping easy whenever you need an uplift. The book aims to provide a place to start, a place to turn for motivation, and a place to learn essential facts to keep with you for life. No nonsense, just a few things you may relate to.
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Julkaisuvuosi: 2015-12-07
ISBN: 9780993500008

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