The Ideas of Robert Quinn About Leadership - Ben Tiggelaar

The Ideas of Robert Quinn About Leadership

The Ideas of Robert Quinn About Leadership

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Change and growth. Those are the constant factors in the work of Robert Quinn. In many of his books, Quinn challenges you to critically review your present ideas.

For one thing, Quinn challenges us to reflect on the management models we´re accustomed to using in the field of management and organization. He says that one management model is not necessarily better than another. It´s just that one particular model is likely to work better in a certain situation than others. This means we have to move from an either/or approach to a both/and approach to management, Quinn says. The broader the management repertoire we have at our command as leaders, the more effective we will be, he tells us.

MBA in One Day - Management Classics is a series of 10 audio programs from author Ben Tiggelaar about the insights and advice from the most important management gurus. Presenter Bill Hoopes discusses the ideas of: Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Eli Goldratt, Michael Hammer, Kaplan & Norton, Philip Kotler, Henry Mintzberg, Tom Peters, Michael Porter, and Robert Quinn.


1 Welcome

2 Who is Robert Quinn

3 Robert Quinn's Vision

4 Four Classic Management Models According to Quinn

5 Effective Leadership - Working with Competing Values

6 Leading Yourself - Empowerment

7 Leading Cultural Changes

8 Personal Growth According to Quinn

9 Positive Organizational Scholarschip According to Quinn

10 Praise and Criticism

11 The practical Value of Quinn's Ideas
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