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Nice and Naughty Season One, Episode 3: Masked Wedding Cake

Auteur: Gabra Zackman, Rachel Fowler Narrateur: Emily Woo Zeller, Soneela Nankani, Fran Jules Livre audio


Sunnyside, New York. Savannah is starting up the wedding biz, and has a tasting of mini cakes in the back room of her favorite bar. The back room... where she had a hot anonymous encounter last night! Will she be able to pull it together? It's Nana's birthday today after all, and she's feeling all the feels. In Nana's honor she'll try to keep her mind and her mini cakes out of the gutter. As long as nothing goes wrong, she might just be able to do it.

And Naughty...

Astoria, New York. Sadie is the youngest, and the sweetest. Or so they all think. But she's got an alter ego, Rae Du Bois, who likes to go masked to fetish clubs and write all about it the next day. Tonight she's supposed to meet a man she doesn't have high hopes for, and she'd rather fool around with Joey, the chick who tends bar, anyway. But then Jake walks in and all hell breaks loose inside her, making her forget to cross her x's or circle her o's. Will she finally find a way to unmask her heart?

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