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Nice and Naughty Season One, Episode 4: Upside Down Mind Eraser

Auteur: Gabra Zackman and Rachel Fowler Narrateur: Amy Landon, Soneela Nankani, Fran Jules Livre audio


Sunnyside, New York. Sadie, the sweet one, has an alter ego, Rae Du Bois, who had a very sexy time at a certain fetish club last night. Sadie is taking care of the bakery and bar social media accounts with one phone, and sexxxting as Rae with the other. But can she continue to keep her double life a secret? It's Nana's birthday today, and she most wants to honor her family. But can she be who they want her to be?

And Naughty...

Manhattan, New York. Sam, the oldest and coolest sister, is the one who is most like Nana. But she is also leading a double life. Her sisters think she works too hard as the assistant to a celebrity chef, when all that is a cover for her job as a secret agent. She's new on the job, and is still being trained by her handler, the mysterious Agent X, a curvy and powerful femme fatale. Will their trysts remain agents with benefits? Or will the envelope be pushed into more dangerous terrain?

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