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Nice and Naughty Season One, Episode 5: Secret Irish Car Bomb

Auteur: Gabra Zackman and Rachel Fowler Narrateur: Amy Landon, Erin Mallon, Soneela Nankani Livre audio


Manhattan, New York. Sam awakes to a free day courtesy of Agent X, and realizes she can get to celebrate Nana's birthday in Queens, with her four sisters, chosen brother, and Mom and Dad. But all she can think about is X. Will she ever see her again? Or was that the last time? Something dangerous lingers in the air, and Sam doesn't know where it's headed. It looks like there's more to Agent X than meets the eye, though to Sam's eye, there's more than enough there already.

And Naughty...

Sunnyside, New York. Sweet has made yet another glorious feast, in honor of Nana. And everyone has arrived, even Sam! It's a full house, with all the sisters, and Shorty and his dog Roxie, and Mom and Dad in from the North Fork. But when Ricky shows up without Sweet's knowledge, suddenly she's all thumbs. Can she allow herself to be just a little bit naughty? After all she does kinda have a boyfriend. But Ricky... well... he might turn her whole world upside down. And a late night discovery about Nana might turn the world upside down for the whole family.

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