Emotional Intelligence Mastery - John Hoffner

Emotional Intelligence Mastery

Emotional Intelligence Mastery

3.47 17 5 Author: John Hoffner Narrator: Derek Dysart
Knowing how to control your feelings and your reactions to them is known as “emotional intelligence.”
We are getting richer, but less and less happy. Depression, suicide, relationship breakdowns, fear of closeness, addictions—these are clear evidence that we are getting increasingly worse when it comes to dealing with our emotions.
Imagine being able to gain back control of your life. Imagine living a happy life with confidence.
Emotional Intelligence is a skill and can be learned through constant practice and training
Emotionally intelligent people are open to new experiences, can show appropriate feelings in any situation, either good or bad, and find it easy to socialize with other people and establish new contacts.
They handle stress well, say “no” easily, realistically assess the achievements of themselves or others, and are not afraid of constructive criticism and taking calculated risks. They are successful.
In this guide, you will discover:
• The basics - the whys, ‘whats’, and ‘hows’ of emotive control
• Poor social skills successfully improved - what you need to know
• How to Forgive Yourself and How to Forgive Others
• Boosting your self-esteem - proven ways to hack your emotional competence
• How To Deal With Your Internal Dialogues
• Body language - killer applications to help you read the secret signals
• How to Free Yourself from Other People’s Opinions and Judgments
Every chapter covers different areas of emotional intelligence and shows you, step by step, exactly what you can do to get what you really want from life!
What are you waiting for? Get this Audiobook and become the better version of Yourself!
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More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Author's Republic
Published: 2019-11-04
Length: 2H 53Min
ISBN: 9781982786700

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