Fairy Tales and Fables - Lucas Hucher

Fairy Tales and Fables

Fairy Tales and Fables

0 0 5 Author: Lucas Hucher
Three fables and fairy tales are featured in this collection, each conveying a similar yet unigue moral.

The first, The Tiger and the Mouse is a fable about a spotted tiger, who was extrememly lonely and often bullied. Until one day, she found a lion picking on a poor little mouse.

The second, The Peacock and the Blue Jay is a fable about a jay who has been told she was ugly all her life, and believed it. So when a group of peacocks multed beautiful feathers, she tried to make herself beautiful. But fine feathers, don't always make a fine bird.

And lastly, The Swan and the Raven, is a story about how a raven wants so bad to be a swan, he tried to wash away the color of his feathers.
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Publisher: BookRix
Published: 2018-05-02
ISBN: 9783743821132

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