A New Jersey Love Story 2: I Got Yours, You Got MIne - Myiesha Myiesha

A New Jersey Love Story 2: I Got Yours, You Got MIne

A New Jersey Love Story 2: I Got Yours, You Got MIne

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Troy and Camilla have been through a lot together as the self-titled Bonnie and Clyde. They continue to make enemy after enemy, when all they really want to do is be completely in love with each other. Being with Troy has caused Camilla to step out of her reserved personality and show all other females that she’s about that life and she plays no games when it comes to her man. Camilla has learned that everyone that smiles in your face isn’t your friend.

Supreme’s secret obsession with Camilla has stirred up some jealousy within Kitty. After Supreme’s vicious attack on Camilla, she’s determined to get revenge. Once Supreme goes missing, Kitty already knows who had something to do with it and she will not stop until those who are responsible pay.

Troy, completely in love with both sides of his sunshine, is willing to jump through all hoops for her and be by her side when shit goes down. He’s the first to pick up on Kitty’s deceitful vibes and does his best to warn Camilla to be careful around her. When Kitty starts to feel that Camilla and her gang are on to her ulterior motives, she expedites her plan that may get her revenge for Supreme once and for all.

After Kitty and Keyonna’s sneak attack on Troy and Camilla, lives are left hanging in the balance. Who will survive this unforeseen attack? Will G-Ma have to dust off her gat for her BooBoo?
Language: English Category: Romance Series: A New Jersey Love Story: 2 Translator:

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Publisher: Royalty Publishing House
Published: 2015-11-10
ISBN: 9781648404979

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