4.25 4 5 Author: Dana Harper Narrator: Erika Mary
Recover from a Narcissistic parent with the help of this profound and insightful guide.
Do you have a narcissistic mother or father, and you want to recover from emotional and psychological abuse?

Looking for the best strategies for rebuilding your self-esteem and learning to overcome your childhood manipulation?

Then this audiobook is for you.

Narcissism is a widespread phenomenon, and those suffering from narcissistic parents see it first-hand. Childhood manipulation, control, and emotional abuse are commonplace, wreaking havoc on self-esteem and leaving deep-seated emotional scars.

But now, this audiobook offers a wealth of profound and insightful strategies for healing from narcissistic abuse. With practical, mindset-transforming exercises to help you identify and overcome manipulation, rebuild your self-esteem, and set boundaries with your parents in adult life, this guide arms you with the tools you need to end the cycle of narcissistic abuse.

Inside, you’ll discover:
An Exploration of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and How It WorksHow NPD Manifests In Your Mother or FatherHow Narcissists Are Diagnoses – Common Signs and SymptomsThe Impact of Narcissistic Parenting on ChildrenStep-By-Step Strategies For Overcoming Narcissistic AbuseHow To Rebuild Your Confidence and Self-EsteemSetting Boundaries, Practicing Forgiveness, and Moving Forward With LifeAnd Much More…
With practical exercises, heartfelt advice, and a breakdown of how narcissism works, this audiobook offers you a path to healing. Don’t let the effects of a narcissistic upbringing control your life or ruin your future. Free yourself from the abuse and reclaim control of your life with this powerful guide.
Buy now to begin your journey to HEALING today!
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More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: DANA HARPER
Published: 2020-04-15
Length: 3H 50Min
ISBN: 9781662206825

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