Vladimir Putin: Authoritarianism and Anti-Americanism - United States Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, Christopher T. Gans

Vladimir Putin: Authoritarianism and Anti-Americanism

Vladimir Putin: Authoritarianism and Anti-Americanism

0 0 5 Author: United States Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, Christopher T. Gans
Does Vladimir Putin truly hate America? Do the people he presides over truly hate America? This book analyzes modern anti-Americanism in Russia during the era of Vladimir Putin. The main objective of this book is to evaluate Vladimir Putin's anti-Americanism and the domestic political implications of Putinist anti-Americanism within Russia.


Putin's Evolving Anti-Americanism

Putin's Hybrid-authoritarian Machine

Implications of Russians' Anti-Americanism

Putin's Early History

Early Life and College

Into the Shadows: Putin in the KGB and the Case for a Long Term Cognitive Predisposition

Yeltsin Era

Putin in the Aftermath of Collapse

Russia and the West in the 1990s: U. S. As an Inadvertent Contributor to PutinistAnti-americanism



Economic Collapse and the Absence of U. S. Aid

Putin: A Sudden Thrust Into the Limelight

Putin's Short-lived Premiership and Acting Presidency

Crisis in Chechnya

Presidential Election of 2000

Putin's First Presidency

Integrate Into or With the West… or Neither?

The Attacks of 9/11 and the Aftermath

Brotherly Love: Putin and Bush

Iraq and a Sudden Turn Against America?

Putin's Second Presidency

Shift From the West

America Inadvertently Plays Into Putin's Hand

The Future of U. S. Unilateralism

Western Turn by Former Constituent States

Critical Reciprocity? Attack on Those Who Criticize Him

President to Puppet Master and Back Again: Putin's Recent Premiership and Return to the Presidency Georgia

The Obama-Medvedev Reset: Short Lived or DOA?

Russian Anti-Americanism: The Man, the Machine, and the Nation

The Russian Connection: Anti-Americanism and the Putin-state-polity Link

Anti-Americanism's Role in the Future of Russian–American Relations

Most Recent Events

How Can America Cope?
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