Gonji: Dark Ventures - T. C. Rypel

Gonji: Dark Ventures

Gonji: Dark Ventures

0 0 5 Author: T. C. Rypel
Two NEW tales of GONJI SABATAKE, the itinerant samurai-Viking warrior! A rallying cry for fans of the popular 1980s heroic-fantasy series. An ideal entry point for new readers!

The novelette "Reflections in Ice" -- picking up a mature Gonji, already well into his ca. 1600 A. D. European adventures, ensnared in a desperate crossfire between monstrous oppressors: the undead assassins of the Dark Company; and mysterious horrors residing in remote caves of the snowbound Pyrenees…

The novella "Dark Venture" -- the most intense, action-packed and classic-pulp-worthy Gonji tale in the canon. The first-ever story of "young Gonji, " in dishonored exile from his native land. Now facing deadly peril during a bizarre and ghastly sea voyage; caught in the clutches of a hell where corrupted spells of evil magic go to die…

ALSO included is the essay "The GONJI Odyssey"—the definitive chronicle of the series’ creation and publishing history…

PLUS, a generous preview of the coming NEW Gonji novel: the audacious origin tale of Gonji’s world -- BORN OF FLAME AND STEEL!

"People will not know what hit them when they read 'Dark Venture.' It’s one of the most exciting (and gruesomely bonkers) sword-&-sorcery stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading." --Fletcher Vredenburgh, Black Gate Magazine

"One of the most original characters in heroic fantasy returns in all-new adventures that are truly epic. The return of Gonji Sabatake is a cause for epic celebration." --Joe Bonadonna, MAD SHADOWS
Language: English Category: Fantasy & SciFi Translator:

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Publisher: Wildside Press
Published: 2017-03-30
ISBN: 9781479425921

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