Being More Sensually Attractive: Sensual Meditation - Mark Cosmo

Being More Sensually Attractive: Sensual Meditation

Being More Sensually Attractive: Sensual Meditation

2.33 3 5 Author: Mark Cosmo Narrator: Susan Mcgurl
Everyone has an idea about themselves. How do we look? How do we talk? How do we come off to others? These ideas define us and affect how we act and feel. We may also hold deep beliefs about how sexually attractive we appear to potential companions. Our beliefs profoundly impact our realities. So if you feel sexually unattractive, you will likely develop low self-esteem and it will, in turn, affect how you communicate with others. You will also feel less confident.

In the Being More Sensually Attractive series, you will be guided to change how you think about yourself to reflect a more balanced and nuanced individual. What you need is to harbor the belief that you are a confident, yet generous, person who exudes charm and charisma everywhere you go. As you progress through the session, you will feel self-assured and light from within. You will also feel more enabled and willing to give the best of yourself to your partner.
Language: English Category: Personal Development Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Cosmo Media
Published: 2020-07-29
Length: 12Min
ISBN: 4061707397967

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