Electric Sexual Performance: Sensual Meditation - Mark Cosmo

Electric Sexual Performance: Sensual Meditation

Electric Sexual Performance: Sensual Meditation

2.75 4 5 Author: Mark Cosmo Narrator: Susan Mcgurl
We all need companionship at some point in our lives. You might one day find that you come across a romantic interest who is perfect for you. As you pursue your passion with them further, you will arrive at an intimate juncture at some point. An average person finds it challenging to fully sexually express themselves, and you might feel the same way. If this is you, you will need guidance on how to fully express yourself and have an enriching experience.

The Electric Sexual Performance series will help make you more relaxed and activate the intimacy triggers within you. Channelling your natural energy in this way will also heighten your imagination and inspire a strong internal response. As you progress through the session, you will notice yourself becoming more relaxed and motivated to please your partner.
Language: English Category: Personal Development Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Cosmo Media
Published: 2020-07-29
Length: 12Min
ISBN: 4061707397998

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