Nick Carter in A Battle for Right - Nicholas Carter

Nick Carter in A Battle for Right

Nick Carter in A Battle for Right

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Nick Carter is a fictional character that began as a dime novel private detective in 1886 and has appeared in a variety of formats over more than a century. The character was first conceived by Ormond G. Smith and created by John R. Coryell. The character headlined its own magazine for years, and was then part of a long-running series of novels from 1964 to 1990. Films were created based on the character in France, Czechoslovakia and Hollywood. Nick Carter appeared in many comic books as well, and in radio shows.

" A Battle for Right," first published in 1916, is one of the Nickel Weekly adventures.
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Publisher: Wildside Press
Published: 2020-08-02
ISBN: 9781479452248

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