0 0 5 Author: Anareka Eanar
" cant you feel the pain, no you can't, so you won't understand.
The pain of a motherless girl, the pain of a rejected daughter-in-law, the pain of a divorced wife.
Yep, you heard just right am here to inform you that three months ago, my dearest darling husband told me I had failed my course in family husbandry, Thus he had seen it fit to strike me with a divorce, right after I came from the hospital, that's right after I heard about my mom's death.
And about two months after such case, I heard that he was married and had impregnated an Italian beauty. Well, what can you expect from one arrange marriage to the next. And I doubt he is going to stay in that for long. Such a hopeless lover, men like those should be banned from fatherhood.
"Breaking news, Kedan has filed for a divorce with Victoria Gabriel, the day she announces her miscarriage, approximately two days after his father's death. Am Nareke'e' Webell you'll hear more after the break."
My water broke."
Language: English Category: Romance Translator:

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Publisher: BookRix
Published: 2020-10-04
ISBN: 9783748759676

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