Rescuing Faith: A Novel - Carol James

Rescuing Faith: A Novel

Rescuing Faith: A Novel

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Once orphaned, newly divorced, a schoolteacher questions God’s plan when she falls in love with a grieving widower in this inspirational romance.

Given up for adoption at birth, schoolteacher Faith Holmes has spent her life trying to prove she is enough: good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. When she finds her husband with another woman––yet again—she has trouble forgiving him as she has in the past. So he divorces her. Rejected first by her parents, now by her husband, Faith begins to wonder if God has rejected her, too.

In the midst of her marital trials, Faith has to deal with surly Luke Johnson, the father of one of her students. Consumed with guilt, Luke blames himsels for his wife’s recent death. His daughter, Emmie, struggles with both her schoolwork and the loss of her mother, and Faith is determined to help her despite Luke’s resistance. As time passes, Luke sees Faith for the wonderful woman she is. But as much as Faith wants to accept Luke’s affection, she wonders if she could ever be enough to heal his wounded heart.

Rescuing Faith is a story of how God’s perfect love and truth helps two people overcome guilt and insecurity for the sake of a future together.
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Publisher: RosettaBooks
Published: 2019-02-12
ISBN: 9781629211107

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