The War Beneath - S.R. Hughes

The War Beneath

The War Beneath

0 0 5 Author: S.R. Hughes
In this paranormal thriller set in coastal Maine, a reluctant medium and a mystical drug dealer team up against an apocalyptic conspiracy.

Paul had been a forensic psychologist before his daughter’s death sent him on the downward spiral of addiction—and brought an unwelcome ability to hear the voices of the dead. He fled New York for a houseboat in Oceanrest, Maine. Since then, he’s been trying to shake off his past and silence the spirits with a regular supply of magical downers.

Paul’s dealer Deirdre lives on the outskirts of Oceanrest, where she tends to a hydroponic farm of mystic flora and esoteric plant life. She’s built a good business as a not-quite-legal apothecary. But when someone robs her stash, Deirdre and Paul are equally desperate to find it.

Soon they find themselves under attack from criminals and cultists, on the run from Quebecois mobsters, Aryan Nationalists, and a group of young men who seem dedicated to destruction on an apocalyptic scale.
Language: English Category: Fantasy & SciFi Translator:

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Publisher: Permuted Press
Published: 2021-09-15
ISBN: 9781682618608

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