The Intelligent Parent's Guide to Faster Potty Training - Jacqueline Coe

The Intelligent Parent's Guide to Faster Potty Training

The Intelligent Parent's Guide to Faster Potty Training

3 1 5 Author: Jacqueline Coe
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Free up your time, enjoy your child and be the best parent I know you are able to be. I know how potty training can be a bit of a nightmare for parents, so I have written this book to help parents learn the process of faster potty training. Parenting is such a wide arena that many say doesn't come with a handbook; however, the problem with taking too long over potty training will only add more pressure and stress to the already busy lives of the family. This is a crucial psychological stage in a child's life and, as parents: one, we need to recognise this and two, as the adults in their lives, we absolutely owe it to them to get it right! I hope, the insights written in this book, reach every parent and child across the world so they too are able to attain a fast and smooth transition through the potty training process. This is my wish for you.
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Publisher: Panoma Press
Published: 2013-05-16
ISBN: 9781908746962

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